Friday, December 24, 2010

New Web Address (URL) for Extension Office Website

For years, to view the Orange County Extension Website, it has been difficult to remember the website address and just as difficult to explain that it is an abbreviation for the Orange County Extension (ocextension) at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (ifas) at the University of Florida (ufl) an Educational Institution (edu).  When you put it all together it looks like this:  Now it will be easier to remember because the "ocextension" name can be replaced with "orange". 

As we move into the new year, you may use this link to find the Orange County/UF-IFAS Extension Service:  It will also help to remember that if you need to send e-mail with or without digital attachments (documents or photos) to the Orange County/UF-IFAS Extension Service, the email address is very similar:

If you have the old website address (URL) bookmarked or in your favorites list, it will still work because both names are approved for use when  viewing the Orange County/UF-IFAS Extension Service website.

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